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Christine Labelle

My name is Christine Labelle. I am a mother, business owner, and an advocate for my Paradise Valley neighborhood. I have lived in Paradise Valley most of my life. My husband and I have raised our twin daughters here, and have long been involved in protecting Paradise Valley’s quality of life.  

I am a volunteer for the Paradise Valley Historical Advisory Committee, and it was a pleasure and unique experience to help to plan our 60th Anniversary party. I have fought to close a party house in my neighborhood, and have been working to protect open space and neighborhood paths since I was a teen.

Through my involvement in Town decision making as a resident and volunteer I have  witnessed opportunities for improved  communication channels.  I have some new ideas for tools that  the town can implement that will facilitate better community involvement. As your Town Council Member, I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Paradise Valley continues to improve, and build on what we have to  continue to earn its rank as one of the best places to live in America.

About Christine

Christine Labelle has lived in Paradise Valley for 45 years. She attended both Kiva and Cherokee schools and worked in local activism since she was a teen. She and her husband raised their 19-year-old twin daughters in Paradise Valley. Labelle was a school volunteer while her daughters were attending PV/Scottsdale schools, and was involved in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, and Booster club for gymnastics and cheer. She continues to support local animal and  horse rescue organizations, and various local organizations supporting musicians and veterans such as Operation Encore. As a business owner and mentor, Christine manages a real estate team of seven. She is passionate about and committed to Paradise Valley.

Christine on the Issues

Maintain Our Quality of Life

Paradise Valley is one of the best small towns in America. I will work tirelessly to maintain our high quality of life by ensuring town hall is listening to and engaging with our community. I will work to protect our rural character and  open space, work to mitigate cut through traffic in our neighborhoods, as well as maintain and prioritize  our infrastructure,  and  all of the other elements that make Paradise Valley so special.

Neighborhood Outreach

As a resident in a non-HOA neighborhood, I know first hand how difficult it can be to advocate for one’s neighborhood. I have ideas and tools that will enable private citizens to strengthen their neighborhoods. New methods and forward thinking technology are an overdue item I’d like the Town to address.

Protect Neighborhoods from Party Houses

I support ordinances on STR nightclub style party houses, as well as non residential use of our single family homes through opportunistic ventures like Pacaso and  other corporate interests looking to commercialize  our neighborhoods with timeshares and fractionals.

Protect Paradise Valley’s Mountains and Open Space

At 13 years of age, I joined my dad and walked door to door with a clipboard getting signatures to preserve open space and residential neighborhood paths. These issues are still dear to me. I will continue to ensure our striking desert and mountain areas  are preserved for future generations.


I am a strong supporter of our community-oriented police department. As a town council member I will work to ensure our police have the community support and other tools they need to continue to keep Paradise Valley safe.

Keep PV Property Tax Free

Through preservation of Paradise Valley’s minimum one-home-per-acre zoning, and by continuing to elect fiscal conservatives, Paradise Valley can remain property tax free. We have abundantly talented residents here in PV who love our town.  I hope to expand our volunteer  opportunities and create other task forces that could benefit the town and protect our working capital.

Strong Schools

My twin daughters  attended Cherokee, Cocopah, and Chaparral High school. I attended Kiva, Cherokee and Chaparral myself.  I continue to maintain relationships with many of the educators here in Paradise Valley and the district, and will use my past experience as a class volunteer and established relationships to work to strengthen the relationship between Scottsdale Unified and the Town of Paradise Valley. Good schools are the hallmark of a desirable community to live and work, and a crucial element in creating and maintaining property values. Relationships with educational establishments cannot be ignored.

Get Involved

As a grassroots campaign, Christine relies on support from residents and voters to help her win reelection.

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