Ask the candidate: Is a Paradise Valley population decrease of concern?
 The 2020 U.S. Census shows Paradise Valley population has decreased slightly — the census
shows the town lost about 200 residents over 10 years. Is this something to be concerned
It’s true that the population of Paradise Valley has lost approximately 200 residents. There are
some cautionary consequences for Paradise Valley if this trend continues.
Take Sedona for example, a city that gained notoriety for its beautiful landscape, much as
Paradise Valley is getting now. According to Sedona’s city attorney Kurt Christianson, “There is
no authority in ARS Section §9-461.06 for voter ratification [of their general plan] because
Sedona’s population is under 10,000 and has been growing at less than 2% per year.” Sedona’s
population decline came largely due to non-primary and vacation rentals pushing out full time
As seen throughout the years, many Paradise Valley residents tend to remain in their homes
well past retirement and into their final days. As kids continue to grow and move away from
Paradise Valley, our population naturally declines. And our quality of life and sentiment to our
town parallels a love of our properties that’s not easily left behind. But there is hope.
Through my experience as a Paradise Valley Realtor, I feel there is a positive trend toward
younger families moving in with school age children.
Buyers from all walks of life and around the world are eying Paradise Valley as a great place to
raise a family. As a Paradise Valley resident and mother of twin daughters, I believe our town
will be positively served by supporting this narrative and paying attention to what brings
families here for generations:
  Good schools;
  Safe neighborhoods where you know your neighbor, with low traffic and strong public
  Opportunities for them to be engaged in town affairs and volunteer activities where
their voices are encouraged.
Declining populations can be a blessing and a curse. Low density and open space in a major
metropolitan area like Phoenix or Scottsdale is rare indeed. But we always want and need to
embrace the next generation who will inherit our love and understanding of our town and its
history. It is our responsibility to create that for present and future Paradise Valley residents.
As your town council member, I will work tirelessly to maintain our high quality of life by
ensuring town hall is listening to and engaging with our community. I humbly ask for your vote

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