Combs: My endorsement for Labelle

By Chris Combs, Phoenix real estate attorney,311687

Hello, I am real estate attorney Chris Combs. I have been practicing real estate law for more than 30 years.

My client, Christine Labelle, reached out to me in August 2020 regarding a nice home in her neighborhood that had filed for an accommodation request with the Town of Paradise Valley to run a home to include prison diversion occupants amongst others.

The applicant was a level two sex offender wanted on two outstanding felonies in California, a fact that Christine and her neighbors uncovered in a few days after learning of the application filed with the Town of Paradise Valley.

Armed with this information, Christine gathered up what neighbors would join her, and we met at my office that week.

Christine and her neighbors came to me to discuss legal language that respected Fair Housing and civil rights protections that could be used to change her CC&Rs in a non-HOA neighborhood and hold up to legal challenge.

Christine was also aware of the dangers of the STR party houses that were popping up and so while addressing the illegal group home application, Christine proactively got ahead of STR’s in her neighborhood by ensuring that we included language in the amended CC&Rs placing restrictions on short-term rentals.

After “taking care” of her own neighborhood, she reached out to other subdivisions in Paradise Valley and encouraging her neighbors to do the same, Christine offered to share knowledge and expertise in what we were able to accomplish to mitigate the deleterious effects of STR’s in Paradise Valley.

Her practical, collaborative and methodic action of “getting things done” will serve the Town of Paradise Valley well, both legally and productively, if she is elected to the Town Council.

Christine Labelle’s leadership skills, proactive measures, intelligence, enthusiasm and energy (a great trait in all environments) and most importantly — trustworthiness and integrity — are a combination that is rare and I highly recommend and endorse Christine Labelle for Paradise Valley Town Council.