In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing Paradise Valley residents?

There’s no question as to the desirability of Paradise Valley as a wonderful place to live. With
our iconic mountains, abundant top-ranking resorts, and wide open spaces, we have created a
beautiful place to call home. Our town has worked hard to maintain a high quality of life for all
of its residents.
The founders of Paradise Valley and the generations of leaders that have followed understood
that. And as neighboring cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale continue to experience unprecedented
growth, maintaining our town’s quality of life is important now more than ever.
Quality of life encompasses a variety of aspects. Our town’s open spaces and beautiful view
corridors, no commercialization of our residential homes, and strong emphasis on public safety
are essentials in that equation.
As Paradise Valley gains national notoriety and recognition as one of the best places to live in
America, we attract many new residents. Like so many of our residents, I appreciate what the
town has done to protect and preserve Paradise Valley from the growing encroachment and
influence of Scottsdale and Phoenix thus far. We need leaders that embrace and celebrate the
wonderful community our founders created and stand up to defend and remind us that quality of
life should never be compromised.
Quality of life is threatened when the growing population and traffic congestion of Phoenix and
Scottsdale encourage drivers to cut through our town, which puts a strain on our community-
based police force.
Quality of life is diminished when outside interests encroach and attempt to reform our town’s
character and charm for personal profit.
Quality of life is preservation of our natural landscape and iconic mountains.
Quality of life is walking your neighborhood knowing you are safe from speeding traffic and
Quality of life is knowing your neighbors, and knowing your neighbors have your back.
We need leaders who do not turn a blind eye, who do not wait until the fire is at their door, but
who see the threat coming and practice proactive policy and that will fight to preserve our special
quality of life before it is gone for good.
As your Town Council member, I will work tirelessly to maintain our high quality of life by
ensuring Town Hall is listening to and engaging with our community. I humbly ask for your vote
to elect me to the Paradise Valley Town Council and to learn more about me visit