Labelle: Digging into the work to be done,311762

I cannot wait to dig into the work to be done for the town.

I’ve learned so much just in my time as a candidate and the last few years advocating for my neighborhood and serving on the Town of Paradise Valley Historic committee.

I’ve spent the last few months meeting with town staff, former and current councilpersons, residents and business groups alike to learn as much as I can about their concerns for the town and glean insight into their experiences and struggles.

I am motivated to get my hands “dirty” and get to work helping create and maintain the town over the next four years, setting the course for the next generation.

With a new and unbiased vision, listening to the residents and my neighbors, working alongside staff and helping to guide development and growth to compliment, not combat, Paradise Valley; I am prepared for the responsibility and challenge.

While I have been disappointed in some of the ways the campaign has played out (I have had my signs stolen, my website has been hacked, I’ve received harassing phone calls), I am also greatly appreciative of many others who have reached out with kindness, support, and civility. I know now more than ever just how important it is to have ethical, truthful, fair leaders representing us on council. Serving on council is a privilege, and as a volunteer position should be taken on with the intent of “doing good for others and the town,” not for personal gain, or to maintain power, or help out your friends or business associates, or to “prove” something to your enemies.

I am entering the council chambers without any agenda except to preserve the quality of life for our residents, as I have been doing in my own neighborhood.

I will show up with my own ideas and understanding to work together with every other person on the team. I will work for and serve to preserve Paradise Valley, bringing my values of honesty, integrity, respect and open mindedness to the table, to put Paradise Valley back in your hands.

We are at a crossroads as a town, and as a local government, in how we present and hold ourselves moving forward.

Working with staff to professionally discuss and brainstorm solutions to traffic issues, single family property commercialization, resort growth and redevelopment, all while maintaining fiscal responsibility amid a myriad of other day to day issues the council is tasked with, will be a service I am prepared for and look forward to offering.

The time is right for new insight, ideas and energy. It would be an honor I do not take lightly, to serve the town and residents at Town Hall as your council person. Please vote for me, Christine Labelle, Aug. 2.