Labelles: Why we support Christine Labelle for PV Town Council,306858

By Pat and Guy Labelle

My wife and I have been privileged to live here in Paradise Valley for over 45 years and I’ve enjoyed watching our children and grandchildren come to love our community as much as we do.

I was enthusiastic to hear that our daughter, Christine Labelle, had decided to get involved within our community by running for Paradise Valley Town Council.

That’s why we were disheartened by the false claims made by one of the fellow candidates and Phyliss Patterson’s op-ed. We cannot seem to identify this person on the voter rolls.

My wife and I recently attended the “Conversations with Candidates” hosted by the Eagle Society. After reading Miss Patterson’s op-ed, we were confused.

Her description of the event and the candidates was nothing like what we witnessed. While we enjoyed learning about each of the candidates, some of the statements made were simply incorrect and we would like to set the record straight.

The first claim by Dembow is that the major source of campaign contributions made to Labelle’s campaign were from Realtors and family. This is false, but even if it were true, this does not constitute “entering the muddy waters with the ethics of her campaign finance” as Pattereson’s speculates. Christine’s campaign donations are part of the public record and are available for scrutiny by anyone at any time.

Secondly, Paul Dembow said that Christine and two other candidates are running as a slate. This is false. There are candidates who are of like mind when it comes to preserving our town’s quality of life but they are running independently of each other.

Finally, Mr. Dembow claimed that Christine has never attended a Town Council meeting. This came as a big surprise to us as we have actually seen her participate in multiple meetings and have no idea why he would make such an obviously false statement.

It seems as though Mr. Dembow is more concerned with making a run for public office a little more difficult for his opponents than he is in proving his worth as a leader. We need more people like Christine who are focused on the health, safety and ethics of our community and less people trying to make things uncomfortable for those who wish to volunteer their time.

Christine’s 20 years of real estate experience, working successfully to get STR issues, threats of prison housing programs and Pacaso shutdown in our neighborhoods and her work in many other facets of her life, more than prepares her to represent us on council.

The current state of the town’s affairs has left many residents frustrated and concerned about Paradise Valley’s future. A number of very important issues face this upcoming council. That is why it is important to have a refreshing new wave of leaders, who exhibit honesty, integrity and a strong moral code and who are ready to give their time to invest in the town’s future.

As Christine’s parents, and fully invested Paradise Valley residents, we support her fairness, kindness, strength and community respect and commitment to supporting our town and its residents. Many agree. Just start asking those who know her personally. We should all be grateful she cares enough to run and take time to volunteer to help our town for the right reasons, and with a good heart.

Please join us in voting for Christine Labelle for PV Town Council on Aug. 2. It’s what is right for the town.

Editor’s Note: Pat and Guy Labelle are Paradise Valley residents and parents of Town Council candidate Christine Labelle.