Paradise Valley Town Council candidates talk about local development increases
Development: How is the Valley of the Sun’s population growth impacting Paradise Valley?
I have mentioned before the growth of the Valley of Sun and how it impacts and affects
Paradise Valley. As a Realtor for the last 20 years, and a resident for 45, I have had a very
unique opportunity to watch our growth play out, and gain insight into where it may be
heading and how we can “get ahead of it” rather than put fires out once we realize a threat is
upon us.
A decision was made, 61 years ago, to incorporate Paradise Valley to protect it from
encroachment and annexation by neighboring cities. A line was drawn in the sand, literally, and
the Town of Paradise Valley was created to protect the lifestyle Paradise Valley residents
wanted. This lifestyle included open spaces with quiet surroundings without a lot of
development. Our mission has not changed.
As the rest of the Valley grows and the density is increasing drastically, the fight to keep our
oasis in the desert will become even more difficult. Big money from outside our town will, and
already has, tried to bully their way in to monetize what our founders worked so hard to
maintain for our residents. The good fight was not fought so that greedy eyes could come in
and decide to create hotels and clubs out of the homes in our community.
Cut through traffic has increased as congestion increases along major thoroughfares bounding
our town. Speeding on residential streets and blowing through stop signs is not an uncommon
occurrence in many neighborhoods.
Developers who do business out of state, or in neighboring municipalities can be
communicated with as to our unique, sincerely held and definitive values as it pertains to the
town’s mission of low density, open spaces and refined and thoughtful development and
redevelopment, so that we can continue to work with quality developers who respect our
town. This is the framework that we have operated under for decades, and it is the crux of what
keeps us different.
We continue to outperform other cities in quality of life, property values and safety. Some
aphorisms that come to mind: “Why fix what isn’t broken?” “Don’t kill the goose that lays the
golden eggs” and maybe…. “follow the money?”
As your Town Council member, I will work tirelessly to maintain our high quality of life by
ensuring Town Hall is listening to and engaging with our community.