Q&A: What do Paradise Valley council candidates value about town?


What is your favorite aspect about the Town of Paradise Valley?
This should be everyone’s favorite question to be able to brag about our wonderful town that
we’ve all come to love. Narrowing it down to just one thing will be difficult, but I will at least try
and prioritize.
The atmosphere and aesthetic of Paradise Valley is like no other municipality in the greater
Phoenix area.
As the surrounding Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area grows, the difference between Paradise
Valley and neighboring towns is only becoming magnified.
The Town of Paradise Valley is not Scottsdale nor is it Phoenix. There are elements and aspects
that I love about our neighboring cities for certain. We all compliment each other. But what we
strive for as a community, what we are founded on, is the belief of preserving our quality of life
for all residents.
I often hear from developers: “Things are changing, and Paradise Valley needs to change too.” I
say that’s not necessarily true.
Like any great town, it needs to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.
But what makes Paradise Valley unique is that it provides a bit of “paradise” and “oasis” away
from the busyness of its surrounding cities. Paradise Valley is unique and has created a space
that will not be able to be re-created or replaced once we give it up. So, let’s not give it up.
• Open Spaces and beautiful streetscapes — need I say more?
• Paradise Valley’s incredible history. Maybe I’m a little biased as I’ve lived in Paradise Valley
since I was 10 years old. Kiva, Cherokee and Chaparral (three of many of our fantastic school
choices) are my legacies.
Ancient desert (now Camelback Golf Course), watering holes and breathtaking mountain views
were the foundations of my childhood. I honor the people who fought to preserve our town’s
character that we still benefit from today. It’s our responsibility to take up the torch and
continue the fight.
Serving on the Town of Paradise Valley Historic Advisory committee has afforded me even more
insight and appreciation for our town and instilled in me a respect for the hard work it has
taken to protect it.
Throughout my life, I’ve traveled extensively, but I choose no other place to live than Paradise
Valley. Help me to keep it the Paradise Valley we all know and love.
As your town council member, I will work tirelessly to maintain our high quality of life by
ensuring Town Hall is listening to and engaging with our community.